Mayor Plato visits Little Angels in Hangberg

Andrew Stoller, Liezel Mathews, Mayor Dan Plato and Councillor Rob Quintas.
Mayor Dan Plato handed over cooking equipment, dry ingredients and stationery to the Little Angels Educare centre in Hangberg on Friday September 11.

Since the start of the national lockdown in March, Mr Plato has supported more than 200 soup kitchens across the Cape Metro with pots, gas burners, gas bottles and dry ingredients to ensure that those most in need are able to receive a warm meal every day. 

In June, Little Angels Educare centre was looted and torched during illegal land invasions in the Hangberg area.

The educare centre also served as a day-care centre and place of learning for the youth.

The mayor and Councillor Rob Quintas visited the school to hand over two large 100L pots, a two plate gas burner and gas canister as well as dry ingredients. 

The ingredients will allow the school to feed the youth in the area for at least the next two to three months.

“I am very pleased when I  see members of the community take it upon themselves to uplift their communities, as this is what we need in South Africa. As the municipality, we want to support as many of these organisations as we can with the limited budget that we have, so I am very happy to be able to replace the equipment that was destroyed in the recent arson incident here in Hangberg. I hope the community will protect this facility now, and ensure that they are able to continue looking after and feeding the youth in the area who look forward to a warm meal,” said Mr Plato.

Councillor Quintas, who has been assisting in restoring the day-care and soup kitchen, expressed his gratitude.

“After the tragic loss of so much good in our community, I was extremely grateful to know that Mayor Plato was willing to assist in restoring what was destroyed. On behalf of the Community of Hout Bay and Hangberg in particular, I would like to thank the Mayor and his office for this outreach and assistance.”