Litter problems

Litter next to the Hout Bay library.

Doug Austin, Hout Bay

Is it just me or is littering getting worse? We all claim Cape Town is so beautiful, but, if you start noticing litter, it seems everywhere and must put off the much-needed tourists.

I carry a black bin liner in my car and often stop to pick up piles of rubbish that would end up in the ocean.

I have taken a picture of next to the library. It’s been like this for weeks. Whose responsibility is it to clean this? Can the Sentinel News perhaps notify the municipal department under which this falls?

Ward councillor Roberto Quintas responds:

There is certainly an unfortunate noticeable rise in litter in and around Cape Town.

Due to Covid-related depot closures and staff isolations and fatalities, we have fewer people on the ground to keep our spaces up to the standard we have grown used to and expect.

We are, however, seeing more and more staff return to work and fuller compliments of workers at all service depots, and can expect an improved roll-out of cleansing, road works and parks maintenance.

I applaud active citizens who pick up the litter generated by anti-social, selfish, lazy and inconsiderate members of our society.

One must remember that society is a compact between government and communities. It cannot be that some feel they can absolve themselves of their responsibility, expecting government, using taxpayers’ money, to clean up after them.

I encourage residents to inform the relevant channels when there is a problem that needs fixing. Problems unknown cannot be remedied.

• Send a brief description of the issue and where it can be found to Mr Quintas by SMS or WhatsApp to 082 042 3502 or by email to Or call the City’s 24-hour call centre at 0860 103089.