Lifeline for volunteer emergency service

The Hout Bay Volunteer Emergency Services will receive R100 000 worth of equipment.

From radios to first-aid kits, the Hout Bay Volunteer Emergency Medical Service will receive new equipment from the annual ward allocation.

“They will be receiving R100 000 from my ward allocation between now and end of the financial year (June 30, 2023),” said ward councillor Roberto Quintas.

“They do pivotal work in assisting our community as first responders and I’m happy to have been able to facilitate the ‘wish list’ of resources,” Mr Quintas said.

Matthew Rosenberg, a spokesman for the service, said they were “extremely grateful” for the support. “It allows us to continue to serve those in need.”

He added: “This will make things easier for our volunteers. This equipment will be used during our shifts as well as to assist the community members that we work with and train through the community first aid responder programme.”

Hout Bay resident Cheryl McCallum said the volunteer service played a vital role in the community.

“Many of the people know about this service and sometimes we tend to forget these guys are only volunteers, offering their time, skill and knowledge to help keep others safe.”

Ms McCallum found herself on the receiving end of the service when she was in a car crash two years ago.

“They were on the scene so fast, offering help and staying on top of my health and well-being. It’s amazing to have these services in our communities and we need to keep this alive and help support them. If you think about it, helping them is like helping others.”

The Hout Bay Community Police Forum chairman Anthony Chemaly said the service covered a “critical shortage” of emergency care in Hout Bay.

“Otherwise, we would need to wait for extended periods of time for a response. The R100 000 of equipment is amazing and will go a long way to assist the EMS team, but no amount is enough in my opinion,” he said.

The CPF had waited about 45 minutes for an ambulance to arrive from outside Hout Bay after a cyclist was knocked down two weeks ago, he said.

He hoped to see the service resourced to the point of being able to cover Hout Bay “24/7”.

Mr Rosenberg said the volunteer service depended on private donations, and a main sponsor had supplied them with their ambulance.

“A full list of our current sponsors will be displayed on our website and under the Facebook galleries. On an ongoing basis, we need funds for fuel, equipment and maintenance. Please help us to continue our service to the community,” he said.

To find out more about the service, email, visit their Facebook page or website at

The Hout Bay Volunteer Emergency Medical Service depends on private donations, and a main sponsor has supplied it with its ambulance