Leadership skills for pupils in ‘big school’

Kronendal Primary has embarked on a leadership development programme for the Grade 6 and 7 pupils, known as the Peace Pal Programme.

The aims of the programme are to introduce the concept of leadership and mentorship to senior children in the school; develop confidence, self-esteem and skills they need to be successful in later school and life; and be aspirational in nature and develop important life skills.

The programme also aims to give Grade 1s or any other new children a support system within the school. Each new child is allocated a Peace Pal to support them as they settle into “big school”. In addition, it promotes healthy and positive relationships between younger children and older children which in turn builds community and leadership capacity, while giving everyone an increased sense of belonging in the school community.

“The programme is showing some wonderful results where little children are feeling cared for and supported as they begin their new chapter at primary school. And older children are spreading their leadership wings, showing accountability and responsibility and preparing themselves to step into their high school career with a belief in their own leadership abilities,” school spokesperson Lea Pearse said.