Kids enjoy holiday programme

The youth enjoy a trip on a sight-seeing bus.

The 790 Youth Rec Club held a school holiday programme, from Wednesday October 3 to Friday October 5, that included a movie day at the V&A Waterfront, a beach and harbour clean-up in Hout Bay and a sight-seeing bus tour. “Many children are not exposed
to places outside their social context and therefore they normalise bad behaviour,” said the club’s Roscoe Jacobs.

During the clean-up, the children had seen a seal with plastic around its neck, he said.

“This was a living example why our rubbish and littering impacts the lives of our sea animals.”

Mr Jacobs said the club
wanted to run another programme in December and he called on businesses and individuals to support it.

“Supporting our December holiday programme will aid in curbing children from becoming victims and perpetrators of crime in Hout Bay,” he said.