IY church campaigns against gangsterism

Children at the holiday programme washed cars on Mandela Day.

The United Apostolic Faith Ministries (UAFM) in Imizamo Yethu ran a five-day campaign against gangsterism in the area.

The programme ran from Monday July 11 until Friday July 15 at the Imizamo Yethu recreational facilities opposite Hout Bay police station. The programme, named Operation Phakhamani, provided free breakfast and lunch to the group aged between 10 and 38 years.

The programme encouraged the community to stand up against the scourge of gangsterism and was run in conjunction with the provincial Department of Community Safety. Other important collaborators included James House, a house dedicated to the systemic well-being of children and youths.

“We had a target of 150 youths a day but we ended up enrolling an average of 400 children a day. As evidenced by our signed registers, we managed to register a total number of 1300 youths for the five days,” said Pastor Manuel Purazi of the UAFM.

Mr Purazi said presenters from government departments like Hout Bay SAPS, NGOs like Hout Bay Cares and other inspirational individuals who were once gangsters, sent to Pollsmoor Prison and experienced the bitter prison life, addressed the group.

In preparation for Mandela Day, the group washed police vehicles, planted three trees, and picked up litter in Imizamo Yethu and at recreational facilities.

“This was the most glorious moment. We connected Mandela Day with the teaching of Jesus Christ about the Good Samaritan found in Luke 10 Verses 25 to 37. The emphasis here is love and care for the neighbour as fundamental tools of practical theology in our communities. These replace the hatred and destruction of gangsterism,” Mr Purazi said.