How much do you care?

Renate Henshilwood, Hout Bay

“Fed up with stench” (Sentinel News, Friday April 1) refers.

Who is the City of Cape Town using to cover up what?

The fact is that the Hout Bay sewerage works can no longer cope and that the sewage is still being let out into our bay. The brown slicks surrounded by murky foam can clearly be seen, not only from many a home in Northshore Estate but from the Harbour Village as well. My nose tells me that the stench of sewage comes first and thereafter, to top it off, the fish factory goes into operation.

You are using the fish factory to cover up the real problem – that the City of Cape Town is negligent in polluting our bay and further more the City of Cape Town is negligent by not even erecting signs on our beach, to warn locals as well our tourists of this fact.

Mr Geyser, I fully agree with you that all ratepayers of Hout Bay must now stand together and withhold their monthly payment of rates.

Please allow me to suggest that the Hout Bay Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association opens a trust account into which we all can pay, collectively, our rates money due.

Unlike with the debacle of the Meter fish factory and the Chapman’s Peak toll plaza, this time round the City of Cape Town will see us in court. Hopefully, the powers that be at the City of Cape Town will then think twice if they want to use the rates collected from other citizens to employ the most expensive law firm in town to fight us.

Our first priority should be the environment, which, after all is said and done, we leave to our children.