Hout Bay peaceful today

Residents of Hangberg in Hout Bay took to the streets after it was alleged that a young man, suspected of poaching, had been shot by police. Picture: Armand Hough / African News Agency (ANA)
Hout Bay is calm this morning following two days of violent protest action.

Ward councillor Roberto Quintas said, “It’s peaceful this morning. Schools are open. The area is peaceful. Roads are open, but there’s still debris that’s blocking traffic.”

The protest started on Sunday following claims that a 26-year-old fisherman had allegedly been shot by police.

It’s believed that Durick van Blerk had been on a small boat with two others when authorities cornered them on Saturday.

There are claims that officers shot at the suspects and wounded Mr Van Blerk who is now missing.

Police were still searching for him when protests flared up. 

Mr Quintas said a mediator would be introduced.

“We are waiting on the police to bring in a mediator. I spoke to the commander last night and he told me that they will bring in a mediator who will try and find a solution to put an end of the protest.” 

He also said there had been looting last night.

“Last night, the Hout Bay Market was looted. Ten adults were arrested. Five minors were also detained.”

He also expressed concern regarding businesses in the area.

“I’m hoping to meet with a representative from the national government to talk about some of the community’s concerns which includes fishing quotas. I also want to meet with business people who’ve been affected by this. We don’t want them pulling out of the area because that would be disastrous for the local economy.”

The search for the missing man continues.