Hout Bay High wins EnviroAudit

Learners, teachers and parents from the various schools sitting in the Kronendal Primary library during the feedback session from the EnviroAuditors. Pictured, at back, from left, are Thrive founder Bronwen Lynkers-Byrne, Enviro Auditor Andy le May and Danielle Klaff. In front are Zikhona Mdalase from Thrive, Savanna Klaff, Jesse Klaff and Jayden Carmichael.

Five schools participated in the EnviroAudit inter-schools competition at Kronendal on Thursday June 23.

The five schools, Hout Bay High School, Kronendal Primary School, Llandudno Primary School, Ikhaya Le Themba and the International School of Hout Bay, made it to the next round and were able to do presentations prepared by the pupils.

Hout Bay High came in as first prize winners of the Thrive EnviroAudit with Kronendal Primary as second place runner-up. The third place winner was Llandudno Primary school.

Enviro auditor Andy le May, said the progress made over the past five years with the Thrive Sustainable Schools initiative had been incredible.

“Every year I am seeing the efforts and learning of the previous years driving tangible change in the attitudes, energy and commitment of pupils and staff.

“It is abundantly clear that a school’s sustainability progress is completely dependant on committed individuals, pupils and staff, engaging and inspiring those around them,” he said.

He added that sometimes the truths the auditors revealed were hard for the teams to swallow, but they could be assured that the Thrive team and the other schools were there to help.

Thrive Hout Bay offers the mentoring, knowledge sharing, recognition and reward mechanisms that facilitate this process and make it fun and engaging for the schools. They encourage all the schools to visit and learn from each other.