Holiday programmes

The City’s recreational hubs, libraries, community centres, halls, nature reserves, sports fields and parks have a jam-packed holiday programme that will keep young and old well occupied.

The programme caters for a broad range of tastes: those who prefer being indoors or outdoors, both physical and non-physical activities, and something for nature lovers.

The programme at the City’s nature reserves is sure to keep the young ones fascinated and well engaged. Among others, they can enjoy winter hikes, story-telling sessions and learning about animals, insects and birds.

The sport, recreation and amenities department has a diverse range of both indoor and outdoor activities on offer at its hubs – from board games and concerts, to dancing and face-painting, to five-a-side soccer and cricket.

In addition to the usual fare of books and audio-visual ma- terials on offer at libraries, child- ren can enjoy puppet shows, arts and crafts and talent shows.

The social development department has put together a programme that caters especially for the youth. A number of awareness talks have been arranged on anti-bullying, defining one’s self by asking ‘who am I?’ to build self-esteem, and dealing with peer pressure. Youth can also take part in role-playing activities and games.

“A lot of thought has gone into putting this extensive programme together that caters for all ages and for whole families to have fun together. I can quite confidently say it will beat boredom, which is what causes many children to turn to social ills,” said Belinda Walker, the City’s mayoral committee member for community services and special projects.

“I urge both young and old to head down to the City’s facilities to see what is on offer and to have some good old-fashioned fun in a safe and inclusive space.”

For the detailed holiday programme visit en/MediaReleases/Documents/Holiday Programmes- July 2016.