Help get wheels rolling for skate park project

An artist's impression of the skate park.

Following an agreement earlier this year with the City of Cape Town’s sport, recreation and amenities department giving the go-ahead for a skate park in Hout Bay, the Rotary Club of Hout Bay is now tasked to collect R1.8 million in fundraising to get the project off the ground.

In March, the Sentinel reported that the valley will soon be home to a 1 600 square metre skating facility that will include space for multi-purpose courts as well as a spectator’s lounge area (“Setting a date to skate”, Sentinel March 4).

The skate park itself will form part of a dedicated 900 square metre space with areas dedicated to beginners as well as advanced skaters.

The park named Eyethu, meaning “ours” in Nguni, will form a unique skating environment, specifically designed and created to address the community’s needs and its skater’s desires.

The spectator’s area will have a panoramic vantage point over the soccer field, the skate plaza, as well as the courts.

There will also be a play area with facilities geared for younger children.

Rotary Club of Hout Bay president, Peter Dutton said a number of these additional features take into account the needs of women and girls in the community who currently lack safe places to socialise and exercise.

“The entire park aims to facilitate an integrated community through the addition of these key facilities, instilling a sense of togetherness for all.

“The park will also prove suitable for other community events and sports events,” he said.

The idea came to the Rotary Club of Hout Bay after public participation indicated that there was a huge need for a safe facility to unite the underprivileged youth, riding makeshift skateboards in and around Hout Bay.

Past president of the Rotary Club of Hout Bay, Christine Paterson said there are many ways the community can get involved in the fundraising process such as spreading the word on social media sites, becoming an ambassador for the skate park by sharing ideas, becoming a donor or becoming a volunteer.

“We need you to help us build our community and to help us create a safe space for all,” she said.

For more information about the skate park or how to get involved, find EyethuHoutBaySkatepark on Facebook or visit www.