Head of HB Tourism Forum resigns

Terry Murphy.

Terry Murphy has resigned as chairman of the Hout Bay Tourism Forum (HBTF), saying he has been unable to get guidance from the Hout Bay Partnership (HBP), which governs the forum, about the forum’s future role, proposed projects and related resource support.

In a statement, Mr Murphy referred to a strategic planning document he had prepared for a Hout Bay Partnership board discussion in December last year.

“It was not adequately addressed at that meeting and there has been no dialogue since, despite various assurances about consultation. Consequently, I am not in a position to influence or co-ordinate with the elected steering committee of the forum or progress policy and project discussions with any external parties,” he said.

“I understand that certain members of the HBP Board are involved in a reappraisal of priorities, and I am concerned that the elected steering committee members of the HBTF and its chairman have not been involved in the consultative process related to tourism.”

He said that three years ago he had launched the Hout Bay Living Cultural Heritage Initiative and last year proposed to the Hout Bay Partnership that it be incorporated within its tourism interests, and this led to the decision to establish the forum.

“I was asked to stand as chairman. Various policy commitments were made about its objectives at the very successful launch on September 272016, and the steering committee of 17 people were elected. I wish to express my great appreciation to the elected 17-member steering committee for their committed and motivated voluntary activities. We accomplished much in a very short time and we were gearing ourselves for the next stages of growth including the establishment of tourism routes, a year round tourism events calendar, and a communication plan.”

He said the Hout Bay Partnership had the capability to contribute towards the integration of Hout Bay’s communities, enhancing community services and stimulating prosperity, particularly for disadvantaged people.

“It is my belief that the HBTF could play a very constructive role. I hope the HBP will not allow the HBTF to fade away, but it needs to exercise proactive leadership right now and ensure that adequate resources are in place to support agreed activities.”

Hout Bay Partnership chairperson Sanele Gaqa said the partnership was grateful to Mr Murphy for his “hard work and dedication over the past several months in advancing the development of tourism in Hout Bay through the tourism forum project”.

“Terry has served for four years as a loyal member of HBP’s board of directors. We look forward to his continued board advisory contributions in the broader context of HBP’s strategic initiatives, which include tourism, among other key areas of focus, to promote socio-economic development in Hout Bay.”