Hangberg residents protest against killings

Hangberg residents lining Karbonkel Way to raise their voices against shootings in the area.

Hangberg residents lined the streets of their community on Saturday to protest against a series of killings that have rocked the community in recent weeks.

Two weeks ago, two teenage boys, aged 13 and 15, and a 22-year-old man were shot dead in separate incidents all within a matter of hours (“More lives lost as shootings continue,” Sentinel News, August 12, 2022).

Hangberg resident Zenobia Adonis said the shootings were “sad and traumatising” and residents were puzzled about what had led to them

“It was never this bad. People are randomly shooting at each other, and there seems to be no respect for people’s lives anymore,” she said.

The mother of two teenage boys said she feared for her sons, who wander around Hangberg playing soccer and games on the street.

“It takes one stray bullet to end one of their lives. We have to send out a message because it won’t be my child who is next, and the message we have is clear: stop the violence and stop these senseless killings.”

Hout Bay police said they were still investigating, and no arrests had been made.

Pearl Visagie from Hangberg calling for the killings to stop.
Members of the Hout Bay Hurricanes Basketball Club showed their support.
Hangberg residents gathering outside the Sentinel Primary School to send a stern message to those behind the killings.