Hangberg community on edge after shooting

A bullet pierced the window of a home in Rodevos Road on Monday morning.

Violent turf wars are becoming commonplace in Hangberg, with growing concerns that gangsterism is gaining a firm foothold in the community.

This follows two shootings within hours of each other in Rodevos Road on Sunday March 5 and the early hours of Monday March 6.

According to Pastor Philip Frans, of the Hangberg Neighbourhood Watch, one resident was shot in the stomach at about 9.30pm on Sunday.

At 6.20am on Monday, 30-year-old Lionel de Jager was targeted by two armed men in front of his home as he was readying his fruit stall for the day.

At the scene of the second shooting, Mr De Jager’s grandfather, Anthony Gillion, told the Sentinel he had been in his room when he heard “at least eight” shots ring out.

Nine adults and five young children share the modest home in Rodevos Road. “It was about 6.20am when I heard the shots. Lionel was outside at the time setting up his stall. He came running into the house. He had been shot three times, in the leg and the thigh,” Mr Gillion said.

“He said one of the men’s guns had jammed after the first shots. These guys had been waiting for him.”

In the front room of the house, bullet holes could be seen in the wall, a window and on the corner of a picture frame. The casing of a bullet lay alongside a bag of

“Lionel was still sitting up and talking when the paramedics and police arrived.”

Mr De Jager was stabilised and taken to Victoria Hospital in Wynberg. Asked about a possible motive for the attack, Mr Gillion said he wasn’t certain whether the suspects had targeted Mr De Jager because of his fruit stall.

Pastor Frans said he was concerned an increasing number of shooting incidents appeared to be drug-related.

“Recently there have also been a number of shootings in the area known as the Zone (Salamander Road). There are two rival groups involved. What is so bad is that people who grew up together, who went to school together, are now shooting each other,” he said.

“It is bad for this community. We hope that people will realise what is going on and stand up against gangsterism. We can only hope that these problems are solved because sooner or later an innocent life is going to be lost. There were children in this house, and one of them could easily have been struck by a bullet.”

Queries sent to Hout Bay police spokesperson Warrant Officer Tanya Lesch were not responded to by the time this edition went to print.