Hangberg at risk

Mustapha Peck, Hout Bay

The Hangberg community are finding themselves at extreme risk as events are playing out over the past few weeks.

A life was taken by a bullet. How much harm could the victim have done to be killed in that manner?

A few weeks back, gunmen were running all over the place firing shots during three different times within six hours.

No respect or consideration were displayed to the broader society.

Are we as a community going to continue to turn a blind eye and be ignorant about it until it hit our own if not already?

Where is the urgency of the police in these instances? Surely this takes preference over most cases at the time, why have they not responded adequately.

We have an influx of youngsters from Imizamo Yethu in Hangberg for all the wrong reasons as their community has clamped down on their anti-social behaviour.

One was caught breaking into cars in the early hours of the morning at the local mosque and still had the audacity to invite the owners of the vehicles out for a fight.

One would appeal to the culprits to stop with immediate effect. It’s not worth it as many before you have learned in Hangberg that for those who survived, there are consequen-