Evicted Hangberg mother awaits outcome of appeal


It has been a long road for Hangberg resident Janina Samuels who was evicted from her home in 2011 after allegedly building it illegally on the slopes of the Sentinel.

When the mother of four refused to move her house, she was found guilty of contempt of court and violation of an eviction order. She was then given a three-month suspended sentence, which she appealed.

She now awaits the outcome of her case at the Western Cape High Court after making a brief appearance on Friday March 11.

Her lawyer, Sheldon Magardie said heads of arguments were handed to the court.

“I will be able to give you more information after the verdict in about three to four weeks,” he said.

At the time, Ms Samuels was one of 20 people to be evicted from their homes by the City of Cape Town.

According to the 2011 peace and mediation accord, those who built shacks above a firebreak on Sentinel Peak agreed to dismantle them and move down the slope.

But Ms Samuels said her home is built below the fire break and she believed she was not in the wrong.

Ms Samuels who is a seamstress, currently lives alone in her one-bedroom bungalow. At the time of eviction, she lived with her then boyfriend and his three young children.

“I have come a long way since then and I’m hoping for a positive outcome,” she said.

A court date is yet to be set.