Domestic violence workshop arms people

Facilitators, programme managers and counsellors who attended the workshops.

As part of Women’s Month, Community Cohesion facilitated a workshop for facilitators, programme managers and counsellors of aligned NGOs to arm them with information regarding domestic violence and abuse.

The workshop was attended by representatives from Hout Bay Cares, Hout Bay TB/HIV Care, Hout Bay Refugee Community and the Victim Support Centre at the police station.

Participants learnt what constitutes domestic violence – not just between couples – what procedures to follow, how to inform their clients as to their rights and what steps to take to claim those rights, including where clients can be referred for ongoing support.

It also covered the legal requirements of those who are aware of such abuse and what they need to do.

Community Cohesion’s Bronwyn Moore said they decided it would be most effective to pass this information on to those working with a variety of clients every day. “Although we all work with clients every day on an emotional level, this information was of a practical and legislative nature and added to us being able to better assist and advise all our clients and the community at large,” she said.

Pictured are facilitators, programme managers and counsellors who attended the workshop.