Disabled get numeracy and literacy awards

These clients from the Hout Bay Association for People with Disabilities received their certificates in numeracy and literacy.

A group of Hout Bay Association for People with Disabilities clients received certificates in numeracy and literacy earlier this month.

Twenty-two clients from the Hout Bay Association for People with Disabilities (APD) received certificates in numeracy and literacy this week. The clients completed a one-month course in the subjects in February. The course was backed by the Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority with support from Media Works Accelerated Learning Programmes, which has run Adult Education and Training (AET) for more than 21 years.

At the graduation ceremony at he APD premises in Oxford Street, Hout Bay, APD chairperson Priscilla Jansen said the course improved the clients’ self-confidence and gave them a higher level of understanding of themselves.

“We are still a small organisation, and so we cater to a variety of disabilities, both mental and physical. We don’t have any professional staff, so we are still in need of proper assistance in the form of psychologists and care-givers,” she said.

Media Works facilitator Caroline Knoetze was pleased with the results of the course.

“The clients did the AET Level 1 programme, as well as an oral bridging programme. We have successfully rolled out this programme in the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and the Western Cape, and we are thrilled that we have now managed to roll it out in Hout Bay as well.”

Local resident Maria Deseta has been actively involved in the programme through her son. She said it was a concern that South Africa was still far behind the rest of the world in terms of changing the mind-sets of people about accepting people with disabilities.

“But the more we try, the better it gets. It is amazing to see how people’s confidence grows through these programmes.”

Graduate Nonzuzo Voyi has been participating in APD
programmes since 2002, but was still excited about re-
ceiving her latest certificate.
“It (graduating) makes me
want to go further. I want to do more. This place (APD) is a
very nice place for us,” she

Hangberg resident Michaela van Boom, who did her first course last year, said participating in such programmes made her “very proud”.

“I want to take what I’ve learnt to my community so they can also be part of the programme,” she said.

Imizamo Yethu’s Ronnie Mafenuka said he was feeling “very confident” as a result of his achievement, while Mathilda Phillips, who has participated in similar courses all over Cape Town, enjoyed the experience because she always felt “part of a family”.

“I am proud of myself for what I have done,” Ms Phillips said. “So far I’ve learnt how to use a computer, and I’ve also worked with kids on sports programmes. I’ve also learnt
how to make home-made
jewellery. The opportunities
we get here are fantastic,” she said.