Destructive behaviour

Robert Herbertson,
Hout Bay

I was appalled when
I walked down to the
village from my house
in Scott Estate to see
that someone had
levered up about forty
paving bricks from
the park area between
Andrews Road and
Baviaans Road and laid
them in the middle of
the asphalted reserve
used by teenagers,
among others, for their
skate-board practise as
a rectangular obstacle
for jumping over, or
As thoughtless,
selfish, destructive
behaviour this must
be one of the worst of
many examples we see
every day in Hout Bay. 
In the same area on
a number of occasions,
another someone had
made a cooking fire
in the shelter of the
“rondavel” wall and left
the detritus of the fire
and the litter of their
food packaging lying
All around the
park there were empty
bottles and cool-drink
cans lying in reach of
the litter bins provided,
but ignored. 
What, I ask myself,
sort of Hout Bay do the
destructive, selfish, and
careless louts imagine
they will inherit if
they do not give more
thought to their future
in this place, which
has been constructed
through municipal
and private investment
into a home-town
of which, except for
the few vandals, we,
the residents, could
otherwise be justly