Correct name

Christopher Hudson, Hout Bay

The story “Grooms put their best footwork forward,” (Sentinel News, November 25) refers.

It begins, “There was plenty of fun in the sun at the Imizamo Yethu sports complex…”. This description is incorrect, and it is not the first time your publication has made this mistake.

The sports fields and clubhouse on the corner of Victoria Road and Main Road, opposite the police station, are properly called the Hout Bay Sports Fields.

It is there for the enjoyment of everyone in Hout Bay.

As it happens, a sports field in Imizamo Yethu has been
planned for at least the past six years, and it is hoped that it will be built as part of the long delayed and eagerly awaited development now being undertaken in that area.

* Sentinel News regrets the error – Editor.