Coats and colours that cut it for men

Model Anthony Walters in a black and emerald pleather inspired outfit by Denzil Pillay Designs. Picture: Jarred Carolous

This month My Attire World shifts its focus to men’s fashion.

I sat down with designer Denzil Pillay, 32, of Wynberg, to chat about his clothing line, Denzil Pillay Designs.

Denzil says he has always been very creative and in 2016 moved from Kimberley to Cape Town to pursue his love of fashion and make-up.

“I am a self-taught designer and make-up artist,” he said.

With his make-up business, High Definition Make-up, he has given women and men across the city a newfound sense of confidence.

Denzil describes his clothing as being over-the-top sexy, edgy and futuristic.

“I draw inspiration from family, friends and social media. I don’t always go for what is trending and inspiration hits at any time of the day, even at 2am.”

Denzil said his men and women’s designs cater for all body types.

“I don’t only make garments in small and medium designs. I am a huge body positive advocate as I struggled to lose weight for many years.

“Now that I am slimmer, I believe it’s my responsibility to address the gap in the market. I know all too well how being ‘big’ affects your confidence levels.”

He said he creates his best work when he is going through challenging times.

Although he doesn’t have a name for his latest collection, Denzil said an emerald and black colour theme is woven throughout his latest offerings.

On what’s trending in men’s fashion for winter 2019, Denzil said you can never go wrong with a good coat, which you can style for both formal and casual occasions.

You can either opt for a three-quarter length coat or full length one depending on which you prefer.

Denzil said melton, scuba suede and black pleather are some of the materials being used this season.

Polo necks are a must for both sexes. I love a black polo neck but trending colours for men this season are browns, nudes, emerald green, mustard and navy.

Denzil said his collection also comprises snoods, which is a great winter warmer that could be paired with any outfit.

“My collection also consists of high-waisted pants and jumpsuits for men which are similar to rompers. These items are usually bought by fashionistas who like to experiment,” he said.

Relaxed leg trousers and dad jeans are on trend this winter with the skinny leg taking a back seat.

This season also sees an injection of 1970s funk with roll necks, corduroy and chunkier sneakers making an appearance.

If you struggle with style inspiration, just watch an episode of That 70s Show.

Military-inspired wear remains a mainstay this winter and, of course, you can never go wrong with a tailored suit.

I have, however, noticed lightertoned suits coming through on the runway. Also, remember to weave a pop of brown into your wardrobe as it’s trending this season.

One can also never go wrong with either a good Chelsea,
Dr Martens or Timberland boot.

At the end of last year, a male friend of mine bought a Cuban collared shirt at a thrift store and at the time I was a bit sceptical but when I saw the shirt on I was impressed at how effortless and sexy it looked.

So, yes, Cuban collared shirts are on trend this season.

Stay stylishly warm and remember what model Lauren Hutton said: “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”

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