Clear the messy area

Joe Schwach, Hout Bay

Recreation and Parks Department, it would be greatly appreciated if you would clear and clean the Edward Road Commons in Edward Road, Hout Bay. You have not done that for years and let this public open space completely degenerate into a thieves’ den and a bergies’ defecating site.

The place does not only look terrible, it also smells strongly of excrement and urine.

The Edward Road Commons is a public open space meant to be a park and recreational area for the residents to enjoy. In the state it is, no decent person can use it at present.

Please clear the area of fallen branches and all rubbish and foreign objects and remove the faeces everywhere. Pull out old tree stumps and plant some new trees as well.

I am walking my dog there every day (with a poo bag) and will be able to see any improvement.

Ward 74 councillor Roberto Quintas responds:

I became aware of the issue and need for cleansing and maintenance at the Edward Road Common on Saturday and requested our Recreation and Parks officials to add this area to a priority list in need of attention.

I have received confirmation that the area has been added to their action programme and I look forward to seeing an improved state at this, common.