Clean-up at Hout Bay Harbour

Marzanne and Chad Crow busy during the clean-up on Saturday.

Ten volunteers filled 30 rubbish bags during a clean-up at Hout Bay Harbour on Saturday.

It was organised by the Geo Genesis Foundation, a non-profit company.

“We are an organisation rooted in the Hangberg community. Our programme focuses on alleviating the social ills of our society by providing holistic psychological assessments and nurturing for troubled youth,” said its director, Chad Crow.

“Our clean-ups will take place on a monthly basis for the entire year in and around Hout Bay. The cleaning initiative is not the main focus of our organisation, but we decided to help clean the community to help get the youth involved in something constructive.

“We urge the community to get involved and help clean the streets of Hout Bay Harbour. We need the next generation to become conscious of nature and do their part to preserve this area, which is essentially part of the Sentinel mountain.”

For more information, contact Chad Crow at 067 028 4479.

Geo Genesis Foundation director Chad Crow’s children, Ezra (nephew), Kiara and Mehki, helped with the clean-up.