Clashes between fishers, police

A group of about 50 fishers demonstrated in Hout Bay today, Sunday August 12, setting fire to several properties.

Public Order Policing were later called to Milner Road where teargas and rubber bullets were fired on the group, which then dispersed. Several arrests were made. Law Enforcement was also on the scene.

The demonstrations, a spokesperson for the fishers said, were related to the alleged shooting by police on a group of fishers, allegedly poachers, late on Friday night. This apparently happened on the Chapman’s Peak side of the bay.

The spokesperson said one man was shot, but his body was not recovered. He said two others were arrested and taken to Table Bay police station.

He said the fishers were angry that these men had not been taken to Hout Bay police station, where their families could post bail more easily. They also wanted to know what had happened to the body of the man who had been allegedly shot.

The Milner Road home that was set alight by the protesters is believed to belong to a government official.