Changing the cycle, one pedal at a time

Jerry Buckton from Hangberg is helping youngsters with their bicycles and keeping them on the move.
The boys from Hangberg on one of Jerry Buckton’s cycling tours around the coast.
The boys waiting for Jerry Buckton to arrive for duty at the Hout Bay Harbour.
The boys enjoying the view while out with cyclist, Jerry Buckton.

A Hangberg man’s love for bicycles gave rise to an idea that is keeping children off the streets and on the move.

Jerry Buckton, who was born and bred in Hangberg, attended the local schools and always shared a huge passion for cycling and bicycles.

He repairs bicycles daily from a container on the Hout Bay Harbour, helping children with minor or major repairs, getting them up and running.

“I am happy to see the children being kept occupied with cycling, which can also take your mind away from things. I always go cycling with a group of kids in my community and they always end up enjoying themselves and learning new things,” Mr Buckton said.

With the growing need for help, he said it does become a challenge, especially as he is willing to help as far as he possibly could.

“The children will come here need new tyres or the wheels are flat and now we need to patch it. I just do it because I love my community, but I need the help, because I want to help the kids with their bicycles,” Mr Buckton said.

Now he wishes to make cycling safer for the children by attempting to get enough helmets for all to use. At the same time, requesting any spare parts or old bicycles to help fix for children to use.

“Sometimes there are plenty of children that come to me, but I do not have enough parts of bicycles to help the children. With more help, I can do so much more and help get our children off the streets,” Mr Buckton said.

Lewis Collins is a 16-year-old cyclist who said Mr Buckton has become somewhat of a role model to some of the children in the area.

“He is always willing to help us and fix our bicycles. He never really says he can’t and even while fixing your bike, he will let you borrow another bicycle of his to use in the meantime. It’s a place we can go to because he welcomes us with open arms,” he said.

  • If you wish to assist Mr Buckton or have old spares to donate towards his cause, contact him on 068 508 1571.