Cat show

The 2018 Cat of the Year, Forsland Umberto, a Brown Burmese male, owned by Jane Goble and Jacqui Dawson from KwaZulu-Natal.

The country’s top show cats will compete for the coveted Cat of the Year award at the annual Cat of the Year competition, taking place this Saturday July 27 at the Italian Club in Donegal Street, Milnerton, at 8.30am. This event falls under the auspices of the South African Cat Council and to qualify for the event, cats take part in regional shows where they are awarded qualifying points based on their performance at the individual shows. The 2019 event will feature 81 purebred kittens, neuters (desexed cats) and adults (intact specimens mainly used for breeding purposes) as well as a handful of pets, or domestic cats of unknown breed. A panel of 10 overseas and two South African judges will officiate at the event. Cats are judged against their respective breed standards and the winners are the ones who in the opinion of the judges, most closely match the breed standard. Entry is free for visitors. For more information about this weekend’s show, log on to or call Charlene du Toit on 072 155 6263.