Cape Flats Child

Christo Williams, Ottery

You will rise from the dust

Move out of the shadows

It’s your time to shine

You will stem roots in the mud

Grow tall on uneven ground

Cape Flats Child

Go higher despite the storm

Your dream doesn’t have to die

Cape Flats Child

Exhale those fumes of unworthiness

Life for you is not worthless neither meaningless

You can go from the bottom step to centre stage

Cape Flats Child

You’ve seen blood flow, all the heroes in your life go

It’s hard to say no when gangsterism, drugs poverty is all you know

Cape Flats Child

Remove that label you won’t be part of the status quo

Lift your head listen to me, this is not your end

Cape Flats Child

They call you many things

But today we call you set aside from the rest,

you have it in you to do your very best

Cape Flats Child

I can you are blessed

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