Call for cops to pull plug on noisy Hangberg parties

Hout Bay police say they have been flooded with complaints about noise and illegal street parties in Hangberg.

Phones are ringing off the hook at the Hout Bay police station with complaints about illegal street parties and noise in Hangberg.

Hout Bay police say they have had many complaints from Hangberg residents at weekends about noise in the area.

Station commander Lieutenant Colonel Jerome Syster, said: “The station is being bombarded with telephone calls from community members complaining about the loud music and street parties. Hout Bay SAPS and Law Enforcement have addressed this issue with residents, but they get very offensive and violent when asked to please turn the music down.

“Under the current National State of Disaster, this is not allowed as they are in contravention of the act and therefore those found breaking the law in this regard will be fined.”

Under current level-3 lockdown regulations there is a curfew from 10pm to 4am and gatherings of more than 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors are prohibited.

Earlier this year, two “super spreader” events in Hangberg broke all Covid-19 protocols and caused a stir, forcing locals to contact Hout Bay police for help. Loud music, drinking in public, illegal food sales and overcrowding were among the complaints received from the public (“Noise complaints fall on deaf ears,” Sentinel News, February 26, 2021).

One local, who only wanted to be known as Adrian, contacted Sentinel News, having already lodged numerous complaints with the police and the City.

“The parties will just move around the area. From the start of lockdown, our people here in Hangberg did not adhere to any regulations, and we continued as normal,” he said.

Adrian said Hangberg had many DJs and musicians launching albums or hosting parties in the neighbourhood.

“The parties are happening nearly every weekend now, and it seems to be picking up. There is loads of drinking and other illegal stuff happening, and they don’t even care about the police anymore.”

According to Adrian, the last street party only ended around 4am, after hours of music pumping and people running around the streets.

Ward councillor Roberto Quintas said the revelry was “disrespectful, illegal and quite frankly dangerous”.

“Not only does this show a complete lack of respect for the majority of law-abiding residents in Hangberg and the law itself, but it is reckless in that these events are typified by no masks being worn, no social distancing nor adherence to lockdown curfew hours.”

He said he had asked the police to “at the very least“ enforce the national regulations.

His previous warnings to the police about the noisy events had fallen on deaf ears, he said.

“I am hopeful that under new management, the seriousness of these offences, which make life unbearable for most of the community, let alone being super-spreader events, is taken more seriously,” he said.

Lieutenant Colonel Syster appealed to the community of Hangberg to be considerate of others.

“We receive numerous complaints regarding the block parties and street bashes taking place in Hangberg, and we are appealing to residents to comply with regulations,” he said.

Failure to comply can result in fines ranging from R100 to R5000 for violations related to curfew and gatherings, according to Hout Bay police.

With regards to music at these illegal gatherings, the hosts, DJs and homeowners can face fines up to R20 000.

“Let us all play a proactive role in fighting crime and the third wave of the coronavirus,” Lieutenant Colonel Syster said.

To lodge a complaint or report any illegal activities, contact the Hout Bay police station at 021 791 9300.