Build proper infrastructure

Agi Orfanos, Blouberg

At least 15 or more years ago I often wrote regarding informal settlements on prime land and mountainsides with grand views.

I suggested that such land was purchased and sold to prime land developers at a high premium and the proceeds used to build proper schools, hospitals and houses as well as infrastructure for the disadvantaged at more suitable open areas. These prime mountain slope areas could be highly desirable attracting luxurious living and as such premium rates and taxes could be used to replace squatter camps with a decent standard of living in a more suitable comfortable area.

Reading the article (“IY superblocking upset”, Sentinel, August 18) I find that the opposite action is being covertly taken by the City destroying the ambience of a tourist attraction and as such eroding the potential of better revenues and taxes resulting in the betterment of the lives and living conditions of the less fortunate.