Break-in a blow to museum

Pastor Jonty Dreyer and Jerome Abrahams excited about the plans ahead despite the burglary at the museum last week.

Money is tight for the Hout Bay Museum, but now it needs to find funds to replace four spotlights and a CCTV camera that were stolen last week.

Museum manager Jonty Dreyer said the burglary had been reported to SAPS.

The museum is less than five weeks away from its 40th anniversary celebration, and construction is set to start soon on an art gallery funded by the Denis Goldberg Legacy Foundation.

“It looks like they lifted the gate off the sprocket to gain access because we have electric fencing so they could not have jumped over,” said Mr Dreyer.

“The person must have been watching us because he knew exactly where to go… he went straight to the back for the camera, turned around and then went for the spotlights.

“Keeping in mind we had a function here on Saturday evening and left at about 9pm, with the spotlights all functioning.

“The museum is struggling financially at the moment and can’t afford the insurance on these items,” he said.

The museum’s auxiliary service officer, Jerome Abrahams, said it would cost about R8 000 to replace the equipment.

“Four spotlights were removed and a CCTV camera. One of these lights cost just over R1 000 and the camera is about R4 000,” said Mr Abrahams.

“We get a certain amount of money from the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport that needs to be spent on water, rates and day-to-day costs, and we’ve already spent our security funds,” he said.

Mr Abrahams said the new art gallery would be beneficial to the community and would hopefully draw more visitors to the museum.

Mr Goldberg signed off and finalised the construction of the art gallery last year.

“Space has already been allocated at the back of the museum, and we are looking to start construction next month.

“The art gallery will be built at the back of the museum which the Dennis Goldberg Legacy Trust is going to run in conjunction with the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport,” said Mr Abrahams.

“Mr Goldberg currently has the art at home and wants to put it in a place where he knows it’s going to be taken care of,” he said.

Hout Bay police confirmed that a burglary case had been registered.