Bookshop raises funds for Darg

There is a wide range of choice for visitors to Darg’s charity bookshop.

The Domestic Animal Rescue Group (Darg) charity bookshop is one of several initiatives the shelter relies on to raise money for the animals in its care.

“We struggle to get the number of animals we need to be sterilised. We run a Christmas market as well as our monthly market which raises funds for our clinic and daily operations costs,” said Darg office manager Joy O’Malley.

Earlier this month, the organisation’s Dargtober fest raised about R40 000 for its animal clinic (“Dargtober Fest raises R40 000 for animal shelter,“ Sentinel, November 10).

Darg was founded in 1999 and it rehabilitates and rehomes unwanted or neglected animals.

Referring to Darg’s current needs, Ms O’Malley said: “We need a welder to help with several of our gates and fencing. We need a roofer to repair parts of our roof. We also need general maintenance and painting to be done.”

For more information, contact Darg managing director Faustina Gardner at at 071 465 5880 or