Bike donated to Hout Bay fireman

Fireman Allister Roode, of Grassy Park, often cycles to and from Hout Bay fire station.

A Hout Bay fireman is thankful after a bicycle was donated to him after he was robbed.

Allister Roode is from Grassy Park, but he often cycles to and from Hout Bay fire station where has worked for the past 12 years.

But on Monday July 4, he was robbed near his home by five men who took his bike.

Hearing of this, Toby Adams, a Hout Bay resident and cyclist, posted an appeal on the HoutBay ConstantiaNek MTB Track Facebook group for a donation of a spare bike.

A Hout Bay couple who would like to remain anonymous came forward and donated a bike on Wednesday July 6. It was delivered to Hout Bay fire station where fireman Virgil van der Horst received it on behalf of Mr Roode.

Thanking the donors, Mr Roode said: “Words can’t describe it. I’m happy, I didn’t expect that something like this could happen. We live in a world that is unkind and full of violence… I had a change of mind about people.”

Fireman Virgil van der Horst accepted the donated bike on behalf of Mr Roode at Hout Bay fire station.