Beach safety project benefits residents

Planning has begun in earnest for this year’s Beach Safety Project which has been running since 2011, and has benefited residents and visitors to the bay, ensuring safety on the beach as well as assisting with any medical emergencies.

Last year’s initiative welcomed volunteers from Imizamo Yethu for the first time.

Beach Safety Project patrollers work hand in hand with SAPS, local security companies, Law Enforcement and Watchcon, the Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch control centre.

“It is a partnership where HBNW members volunteer their time on the beach for two-hour slots, where they walk along the beach carrying HBNW radios, being our “eyes and ears” and reporting any suspicious activity or medical emergencies,” said project co-ordinator, Tammy Matthysen.

“The project also relies on sponsorship from local companies in the form of prizes for those who do the most patrols, as well as handouts that are given to members to encourage them to join in and to thank them for their time spent on the beach.”

If you would like to volunteer your time or become a sponsor, send an email to or call Ms Matthysen on 061 913 7151 or contact her at