Be on lookout for couple selling pups

Animal welfare non-profit organisation Hout Bay Pets is warning the public about a man and a woman who have allegedly been selling sickly looking puppies in the area.

Hout Bay Pets founder, Hillary Barclay, claimed the man had stolen puppies from them last year.

She said she was concerned not only about the welfare of the puppies but for the buyers or their animals at home being exposed to possible diseases the puppies might have.

“This is especially a concern during the season in which distemper flares up across the province,” Ms Barclay said.

“He steals puppies to sell them. He usually carries one or two puppies every day, and he carries a knife all the time. He pulled a knife on me one time.

“It is illegal to sell a puppy or any animal without a permit. This is cruelty to animals because these puppies have no access to water or food,” she said.

Cape of Good Hope SPCA spokesperson, Belinda Abraham, said puppy hawkers had little or no regard for the welfare of animals which, to them, were simply commodities for trade.

“We are working in collaboration with law enforcement to stop the illegal hawking of animals and also looking into amendments of the animal by-laws in order to ensure harsher sentences for the perpetrator,” she said.

“In spite of your best intentions, buying a puppy from a hawker perpetuates a cycle of abuse and cruelty. You could also be unwittingly introducing diseases and parasites into your home, which could affect the health of your pets and your family. “

Mange is a zoonotic disease and is transferred to humans as scabies. Worms and fleas can also be passed on and an unvaccinated puppy could potentially have canine distemper or parovirus.  

Anyone with information can call Hout Bay Pets on 082 928 6880. Sensitive or anonymous info can be emailed to or Jeremy of the Domestic Animal Rescue Group can be contacted on 021 790 0383.