Anger over ’super spreader’ street party in Hangberg

A screenshot of the video sent to Sentinel News showing a street party carrying on well after curfew last Saturday evening.

A party hosted in Salamander Road last weekend has caused a stir in Hangberg, with several complaints having been lodged with the City of Cape Town and Hout Bay police.

Labelled a “super spreader event” by the City of Cape Town, the party was a “welcome back bash”, which had live DJs performing and braai on sale, and which attracted hundreds of people.

One resident, who spoke to Sentinel News on condition of anonymity, said they had contacted Hout Bay police on several occasions, but did not get a response.

“I spent two hours looking over my wall to see if SAPS would do anything. I called them at least 10 times over that period and I was told every time that a vehicle will be dispatched,” the angry resident said.

“Incredibly loud music, zero social distancing and selling braai to attract more people. This is exhausting living in this lawlessness.”

Another resident explained that the event had carried on beyond curfew and the number of people kept increasing.

“I called SAPS and was informed they cannot stop the party as there are too many people and they are afraid,” the resident said, adding that police failed to provide reference numbers for the calls.

The Sentinel News tried to get comment from the Hout Bay police, but they had not yet responded by the time this story was published.

Ward councillor Roberto Quintas said he had demanded answers from the station but hadn’t been given any.

He has now escalated the matter with the relevant officials at the City, requesting that an investigation be launched into the use of City rental stock for business purposes.

“I also want the officials to investigate what actions can be taken against tenants who have allegedly breached the terms of their lease or allowed a breach to take place in their unit,” Mr Quintas explained.

He was also angry that word was going round of another event being planned for Valentines Day.

“We are barely limping out of a deep Covid economic local depression, where businesses have shut, jobs have been lost, school terms have been wasted and lives have been taken,” Mr Quintas said.

“I have yet to see and hear of such a gross act of selfishness in our communities as what took place on Saturday, and am deeply ashamed of the actions of those who care nothing for the well-being of others.”

Mr Quintas said police had a flyer for the event which included the contact details of the organiser.

It’s not the first time the community is called out for not adhering to lockdown regulations set out by President Cyril Ramaphosa. During lockdown alert level 5, there had been complaints about people being outside their homes and children playing in the street.

Posters advertising the events were doing the rounds and Sentinel News tried calling the numbers featured on the posters, but both numbers went unanswered.