Local artists salute unsung heroes

Some of the independent music artists who united on one track in solidarity of survivors of the Covid-19 pandemic and the many unsung heroes.

Independent music artists and creatives across the Western Cape have united during the Covid-19 pandemic and national lockdown to spread hope during this uncertain time by releasing a new music track and video on YouTube We Are Survivors (Singabasindileyo).

It was written and composed by artist Saalim Ismail, from Steenberg, and was due to be released yesterday, Wednesday September 30, at 7pm.

The single speaks of hope and standing together through these trying times to uplift the spirit of people.

A group of diverse voices hailing from different parts of the province came together as Heritage Month draws to a close. They include artists like Vicky Sampson, Saalim, Jéan Citto, Andréas Tabumuntu, Xola Toto, Zoe Zana, Celest Florence, Julian Hurley, Cheswyn Ray, Miché Beneke, Ameer Hendricks and Micaela Kleinsmith.

The video also features some well-known influencers like comedian and TV personality Siv Ngesi and celebrity chef Jenny Morris.

“These artists voluntarily came on board when the opportunity was presented to them to unite and to send a message of hope and positivity amid the devastating impact of the pandemic.,” said Saalim.

“We want to spread the message of hope through the universal language of music, transcending all barriers. We salute all our unsung heroes, who resiliently work on the front line. As the lyrics say: ‘Do not lose hope, do not lose faith, if we stand together, we can be triumphant as survivors’,” he emphasised.

For more information about this collaboration and release, contact Gabriela on 078 155 0752 or contact@afrosapien.co.za or Saalim on hello@saalimismail.za.net or follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or his YouTube channel.