IY church members make change

The children who attended The Christ My Reference International Ministries programme during the June school holiday at the YMCA near Silikamva High School.

Church members from Imizamo Yethu are making a combined effort to transform the lives of the youth.

The Christ My Reference International Ministries, an Evangelical church, has been actively working on their Winning Soul’s project for the past four years.

The church has set up various holiday programmes in an effort to change the lives of the youth, who have been badly affected by drug abuse and crime.

Pastor Victor Vita, a minister and church leader, has been preaching at the church for the past six years and has actively been working on this project for the past four years.

“We want to inspire the children through our Christian programme. We want to transform the community through the word of God,” said Pastor Vita.

The children who attend this programme range from five to 13 years old and engage in activities such as singing church hymns and playing games. “During the holidays, children get together, are taught about the word of God and we take them out to help them get away. We want them to stop the drugs and make a change to their lives. Children are then taught two weeks of Bible study classes, and we encourage children to read the scriptures,” said Pastor Vita. They also partner with Camps Bay Church who have given gifts to the children at the end of the programme.

The last holiday programme included 469 children from the Imizamo Yethu community and they are hoping that it will get even bigger. “We take people from our church who want to help out with the youth programme, and we also invite other people from different churches to speak to the children,” said Pastor Vita.

The dates for the next holiday programme are yet to be confirmed but it will take place in December when the school year ends.

Pastor Vita said the church would also have a spiritual leadership programme for 16 to 34 year olds in early December at the Silikamva High School.

For more information about the holiday programme or the spiritual leadership programme, call Pastor Vita on 084 673 8828.