Enjoy French museums from comfort of your home

The Louvre. Picture: Supplied
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has affected the whole world, countries have introduced travel restrictions in a bid to minimise the spread of the virus.

In South Africa, international travel is not allowed as the country prepares for the peak of the corona virus. Only business travel is allowed.

Thanks to technology, there are ways to ensure that wanderlust travellers still get a bit of their favourite destinations.

In a bid to bring the French spirit to South African travellers, several museums are offering virtual tours.

The Louvre has introduced a virtual tour, travellers are able to explore the many corridors and take in some of the most important pieces in history which sit proudly on display in the museum. Pieces like the Mona Lisa, Nike, Venus de Milo and more are available to view with a click of a button. Visit the Louvre virtually here.

The Fine Arts Museum Of Lyon, which holds some of the most significant fine art pieces in the country France,  has also gone virtual. You can visit the Fine Arts Museum Of Lyon virtually here.

Musée d’Orsay is housed in what used to be an old railway station and a hotel before it was turned into the remarkable world-famous museum that it is today. The museum houses French furniture, paintings, photographs, and sculptures from artists like Renoir, Monet, Degas, Manet, and van Gogh. You can visit it virtually here.

The Lascaux Caves, which is situated near the village of Montignac, is home to some of the earliest cave paintings in the world. The cave contains nearly 6,000 figures which can be grouped into three main categories: animals, human figures and abstract signs, and gives us a glimpse of what human life was like roughly 20,000 years ago. Visit The Lascaux Caves virtually here.

Musée l’Orangerie, also invites travellers to take part in a virtual walk in the two oval rooms of the artist’s world-famous Water Lilies series which was designed between 1915 and 1926 in Giverny. You can visit Musée l’Orangerie virtually here.