Emerging artists collaborate in production at Youngblood Gallery

Rozanne Vos is the writer and director of M A R I A, which will be performed at the Youngblood Gallery. Picture: JACO CRAWFORD

Youngblood Arts and Culture Development will be collaborating with emerging artists on a production, M A R I A, on Friday August 19 and Saturday August 20, at the Youngblood Gallery in Bree Street.

M A R I A is a conceptual exploration using theatre, visual arts, sound, poetry, movement, language and technology.

It addresses issues of identity, youth culture and the complexities of femininity.

The production consists of three languages, Afrikaans, English and Spanish and there is a balance between seriousness, hum-our and current relevancy.

Keeping in mind people’s reduced attention span these days due to technology, M A R I A is segmented, short individual performance pieces.

They are independent thematically and different in many ways, yet somehow all tie together.

The sound is mastered, recorded and composed by Ruan Vos.

Acting, performance, dance and choreography is movingly executed by Liezel Swartz and Anoecha Kruger. ROM-COM, a Cape Town based rock ‘* ’ roll band, collaborates with the artists to create the live score.

The body of work has been compiled by writer, director and designer, Rozanne Vos.

Tickets cost R80 each. To book, call 021 424 0074 or you can email info@youngblood-africa.com for more information.