Christo Davids directs Orphans at the Baxter

Stefan Erasmus, Abduragman Adams and Christiaan Bennett in Orphans. PICTURE: Fiona MacPherson

Christo Davids directs Abduragman Adams, Christian Bennett and Stefan Erasmus, in Lyle Kessler’s critically acclaimed, Orphans, at the Baxter Golden Arrow Studio, from Wednesday October 11 to Saturday October 28, at 8pm, with Saturday matinees at 3pm.

Two brothers have their lives disrupted when they abduct a mysterious wealthy businessman, Harold (played by Adams). The dark, yet comedic, story of the two grown orphans – the younger, sensitive and reclusive Phillip (Erasmus) and the older Treat, a violent pickpocket and thief (Bennett) – are confronted by a dramatic twist of fate, landing them into a whirlpool of emotions, revelations and life-altering decisions. Their world is disrupted by Harold as nature clashes with nurture and all three characters venture into unknown territory.

“I have always been intrigued by relationships between fathers and sons – flawed men raising boys to become men in the hope that they don’t inherit the same flaws,” explains Davids.

“The relationship between an older and a younger brother, in the absence of a father, becomes even more intriguing, when the older brother must teach the younger brother lessons without enough life experience.

“In South Africa today we see the results of the absence of this figure. This is the linchpin of this play. Two orphans left to their own devices navigating their way through the world without guidance. Reliant on each other to be validated without knowing what that means. The question remains, is a man’s nature really changed by the influence of other men around them, or are we just simply who we are, regardless?”

This production marks 40 years since Orphans debuted in 1983 and has been produced all over the world. When it premiered on Broadway in 2013, it was performed by Alec Baldwin, Ben Foster and Tom Sturridge and was also adapted for film, starring Albert Finney as Harold.

Orphans has an age restriction of 13 years.

Tickets cost R120 for senior citizens, students and block bookings for 10 or more; or from R150 to R180. Book through Webtickets.