Kirlee, is an 18-month-old seal Devon Rex whose proper name is Supreme Champion Wide Skies Kirlee of Kamdeboo, owned by Leonard and Susan Ferreira.

Western Province Cat Club is hosting its 125th Championship Cat Show tomorrow Saturday August 24 at Edgemead community hall, from 10am. The featured breed for the show is Devon Rex, a small elf like cat with a wavy, curly coat. Other breeds on show include Abyssinians, American Shorthair, Bengal, Birman, Burmese, Exotic, Norwegian Forest, Orientals, Ragdoll, Russians, Sphynx as well as the more well known breeds such as Persians, Siamese and Maine Coons. Representatives from charities TEARS, Raise & Rescue and TUFCAT will judge the non-pedigree section. Entry costs R20 an adult and R10 for children under 12. Call Adri Swart on 082 405 5437 for more information.