Acclaim for film

Hip hop activist Emile YX?

A documentary about the work done by South African hip hop pioneer, Emile YX?, Break Like You, has been selected to be screened at the inaugural New York Hip Hop Film Festival at the beginning of August this year.

This comes at the back of Emile YX? and Heal The Hood Project hosting Positive Poster Week, winning Espresso’s Mandela Monday Award, sending five dancers to Battle VNR in France and then getting the LeadSA Hero Award for the month of April.

The documentary was shot by Mehreen Afzal and Melissa House, as part of the Barefoot Workshops last year. They were very excited that their short documentary has been ac-cepted for the New York Hip Hop Film Festival and now wish to find funds to extend it into a full length documentary.

Emile YX? has also been asked to attend and participate in a Q&A session after the screening at the festival, which will be an opportunity to invite film-makers to attend and participate in Heal the Hood projects such as the Cape Flats Hip Hop Film Festival, that happens in December this year.

Emile YX? is currently assisting the producers by doing fund-raising for the trip and extending of the documentary.

If you are interested in sponsoring this project, contact Emile at or 082 395 8125.